Smart Panel

Improve the power sustainability through power and asset tracking technology by means of Schneider Electric's Smart Panel solutions.

While the Smart Panels provides a unique connectivity between you and your electrical infrastructure with its superior hardware and software, it also enables you to proactively detect the overloads and insufficiencies, to take conscious decisions improving operational efficiency and to easily discover the alarm sources.  

1. Measure
The panels are the most appropriate places to gather data related to electric consumption of each point of the building.

2. Connect
The electric distribution data taken from each point of the building are collected and calculated.

3. Save
Large amount of raw energy data are converted into information that are enriched by our experts and that will lighten the actions required to be taken. This ultimately intuitional and easy-to-use model integrates any energy data and presents to all users in an appropriate manner. 

Why Smart Panels?

Smart Panels are easy-to-install and understandable solutions with Ethernet connection to be used for tracking power distribution. It adds skill to your electrical equipment to establish communication with you. Instead of spending hours or days to collect the information you need, you can get what you need in real-time. The data providing the big picture to enable you to easily track the status of your building's electrical system are presented through understandable user friendly interfaces on your PC's screen.  
Energy Efficiency
Same level of comfort for the building residents and less power consumption by protecting security
Power management has never been that easy.
Tested, Approved, Certified Smart Panel architectures
Smart Panels have been certified with Schneider Electric's "TVDA" quality process.
They have been tested at all possible configurations by the experts at performance laboratories
All functional compliances of the devices have been approved
Documented through the previously defined CAD panel designs and cable connection scheme containing user's manual  
Besides you with its values and solutions.

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