Ha-VIS eCon 2000 Fast Ethernet Basic

3 to 8 Ethernet ports RJ45 and FOC 
Unmanaged Plug & Play Ethernet switches for DIN rail assembly in control  cabinets 
Commercial temp.: 0°C ... +55°C / Industrial temp.: -40 ... +70° 

■ Fast Ethernet Non-Blocking Switch architecture in accordance with IEEE 802.3 
■ Variants with industrial temperature range of -40°C ... +70°C 
■ Wide range power supply 24/48 VDC 
■ Surge protection and reverse polarity protection 
■ Minimum energy consumption due to energy-effi cient Ethernet 

General Description 
The Ha-VIS eCon 2000 Fast Ethernet family of unmanaged Ethernet switches  is equipped with up to 8 Fast Ethernet ports and allow for cost-effi cient and quick expansion and/or reconstruction of network infrastructures. Due to the extremely fl at design, these switches can be accommodated in installations where space is restricted towards the cable connection at the front. The selection includes various combinations of variants with RJ45 and fi bre optic ports. Automatic detection of the transmission rate 
(auto-negotiation) and of the wiring of the twisted pair data cable (autopolarity and auto-MDI(X)) allow for simple plug & play. All variants are available with the temperature ranges „Industrial" and „Commercial".